This is an early demo of Toasterball, a multiplayer sports game with kitchen equipment and lots of toasted bread.

We have a lot more content planned for the full version of the game, including 4 players battles, cool toasters to unlock, and plenty of game modes to play with them.

We are a really small studio, so if you want to help us, check out the link below to get notified when the game is out!

Tell me when it's released!

About Us : Couch Game Crafters

We are three buddies from France, with a passion for the craft of game-making.

We love jokingly coming up with ridiculous ideas, and actually figure out ways to turn them into fun games, weird videos or any type of artistic oddities.

If you are a game developper too, you might know us from the short instructional GIFs we like to post on Twitter and Facebook.

Updated 10 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
AuthorCouch Game Crafters
Made withUnity
Tagsball, couch-game, couch-gaming, Football, Local multiplayer, Multiplayer, toast, toaster
Average sessionA few seconds
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count2


Toasterball Demo - 28 MB

Development log


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I really love the game idea! Good job guys!

Thank you Ahmed!


The game, despite being only a demo, presents already a solid gameplay with an innovative twist. Mechanics are simple to understand but hard to master and classic mode is very funny with the interesting addition of the variants that happen after every goal (pong made me smile).
The polished and colorful graphics, combined with the two-keys-are-enough-to-play gameplay would make, I think, the perfect android casual game. 
I hope you will consider porting the game (or a simplified version of it) on android (obviously it would need online multiplayer).
Thanks for your attention. 

5/5 for the demo!


Very cool, coop game! hehe very funny

Thank you Johnny <3


loved the game but any chance we could see the other mini games or other plans for that?

It was fun, just one thing that pissed me off way too much, S-F Use the industry standard man! WASD not ESDF god damn that took me way too long tofind out I thought I could only move the right toaster. Like shit at least have the controls on screen if you're not going to be intuitive.


I agree, you should really change it to A and D, or better - add custom key binds


S and F choice is for being used by both English and European keyboards (where Q is A). The final version will have custom key binds, it's already added.


awesome game loveing it


Real nice game and good concept !! Beau travail, continuez comme ça !:)


Pretty great game! gave it a try! ABSOLUTELY  loved it! Make more games like this :)


Toast: cronchy

ball: bouncy

game: good

(1 edit) (+2)

Scribe Puffin : Awesome

Couch Game Crafters : Grateful


This game is so much fun i cant wait for the full release!!!!

Thank you Leonir!
We are on Kickstarter right, feel free to check it out if you want the full release :


Me and my brother had a great time playing this with xbox controllers!


It's such a pleasure to hear you saying this ! Thank you !


No Problem! I really enjoyed the physics!


like soccer phisics rocket league in a mini game thats not even

done yet and will become greater and maybe be the best game in the

whole world


Haha thank you so much ! Soccer Physics is our great inspiration !


Dear Dev, this is a WONDERFUL, AWSOME, CREATIVE game. me and my brothe will spend so much time facing off at eachother. i cant wait at all for the full game. Thx.

-sincerley someone.


It's such a pleasure to read this kind of comment, thank you so much NexusKnight !


Someone is my comments said it best, so simple, yet so genius.


Thank you so much !


WOW! 5/5! Beautiful art, funny features, amaizing physics. Nice game!


The full game will be online right?

Hi MimiMab ! The game will be online but for the moment you can use Parsec ! Check it on Google !


Made a video


Thanks guys that's so awesome! I already took some notes on things to improve based on you watching you guys play x)


very cool game!

(1 edit)

Thank you ! :D